image décorative : une jeune pousse

Fixed poster links

20 Novembre 2010 — 17:44

For a few years, links to the Zazzle poster page were broken. I finally took time to fix it.

Little update

06 August 2008 — 23:40

I finally could upgrade my blog system, the gallery must be redone now. I hope to do it during the next three monthes.

I also tweaked the CSS to fix some legibility problem.

Wallpapers collection 2

19 August 2006 — 23:03


Wallpapers collection 1

15 August 2006 — 00:52

I start a new serie of wallpapers taken from my posters serie. Those pictures will be 1600 per 1200 pixels, JPEG format, distributed uder the Creative Common-Attribution-Share alike license. I want to say that I wasn't comfortable to lock my pictures used for the poster collection instead of sharing them like my musical creations. This collection is a trade-off between usability provided by a picture with large enough dimensions, while limiting the reuse of these picture for making a poster. But this trade-off allowme to use a quite loose license (my favorite one for artistic creation).


First release of the poster collection

23 May 2006 — 07:47

Finally the poster collection is online. There are still stuff to translate, but the big part of the work is done !